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Planting Roses


Planting and growing rose bushes is easy and rewarding. Here are some simple tips to help you plant the perfect rose bush.

Plant your rose bushes in an area that receives a minimum of six hours of sunshine each day. Dig the hole for planting large enough to give the roots plenty of room.

It may be wise to add peat moss or some form of compost to the dirt in the hole before planting the rose. Sand should also be added if the soil is extremely moist.

Examine the roots carefully after the plant is placed in the hole. Trim back dead or broken roots with a hand pruner.

Use top soil to form a cone in the bottom of the hole where the rose bush is to be planted. Spread the rose roots evenly over this cone. Again, make sure the hole is large enough to provide adequate room for all rose roots.

Set the rose bush at the proper depth. Most healthy rose bushes have three strong shoots coming up from the root system. Cover the knot just below the three shoots to a depth of 1".

Pack the soil firmly around the roots of the rose bush. Fill the hole with water and allow it to soak in. Then, refill the hole again.

Prune the rose bush after planting. Prune hybrid tea roses back to lengths of about 6" to 8". Trim floribundas to lengths of approximately 4" to 6". Spray all pruned areas with a special pruning paint to prevent damage from insects and disease.

* Build a mound around the newly planted rose bush with loose soil of top grade.

Tool & Material Checklist

q Polyethylene Sheets

q Rotary Tiller

q Pruning Shears

q Garden Hose

q Tree Wrapping Materials

q Peat Moss or Gypsum

q Speedy Cultivator

q Pruning Spray

q Fertilizer

q Work Gloves

q Spading Fork

q Broom Rake

q Hand Cleaner

q Lawn Rake

q Double-Duty Rake

q Garden Hose Nozzle

q Lawn Seed

q Garden Cart


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