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Top 10 Tips for Gardeners     Container Garden Tips


Ten Recommendations for All Gardeners:

Whether you are a new gardener or have been gardening for ten years, there are always new ways to improve your garden. Whether you are looking for ways to save money or advice on growing healthy flowers and plants, here are some helpful tips every gardener should know.

1. Cover your flower beds with a thick layer of mulch to help retain moisture and reduce weed growth. Also, use organic mulch - it conserves more water.

2. Water your plants in the morning; itís the best time of the day to do so.

3. To make a smaller garden appear bigger, use colors strategically. Plant warm colors in the front of the garden and cool colors in the back.

4. Use bright colors to make your garden standout.

5. If you have pets that may eat your plants, make sure you choose plants and flowers that are nonpoisonous.

6. Do research to find which plants live best in the climate where you live.

7. Determine how much sunlight your garden will get and plan accordingly.

8. Check your soil to see if it is healthy and ready for planting.

9. Know when and how to fertilize your soil based on your plantsí specific needs.

10. When plants die off, often at the end of a season, remove debris to prevent it from attracting mold and insects to other healthy plants.

Tips about Container Gardening: Think Outside the Box

Choosing the right container is key to successfully creating a planter box, wooden barrel, hanging basket, flowerpot, etc. Container gardens do not have to be small or boring; choosing the right container and plant or flower can result in a beautiful combination. Here are some factors to keep in mind when container gardening.

1. Carefully choose the container material that is right for you; some materials can become problematic. For example, wooden containers can rot, cheap plastic containers can deteriorate and clay pots lose water because they are porous.

2. Even if you do opt for one of these materials, knowing how to maintain it correctly can save you much trouble. Know how to protect your containers and if the plant will have special needs (for example, extra water for porous materials).

3. Use light-colored containers in hot climates. This will help prevent heat absorption and uneven root growth.

4. Choose the size of the container based on the number of plants and the plant sizes you plan to use.


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