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Ground Cover Plants

What are they?


Ground cover plants grow over an area of ground for the purpose of hiding it or protecting it from erosion or drought. In gardening terms, this does not include grasses, ground covers refers to non-grass plants that are used in place of grass.

Ground Cover Plant Basics

Ground cover plants should spread by themselves and be dense enough to inhibit weeds. Depending on your needs, there are different types of ground covers. Also, you may want to avoid certain dense plants if you are worried about them becoming invasive. If you anticipate a lot of foot traffic through an area of ground cover, build a walkway to protect your plants.

How to Choose the Type of Plant

Here are some things to consider when choosing ground cover plants.

1. Choose lower-growing plants for smaller areas and taller plants for larger or steeped areas.

2. Consider what climate the plant will be exposed to, such as temperature and sun exposure.

3. Think about the amount of maintenance you plan to do. Some require little maintenance, while other plants need more care to protect their appearance and health.

4. Determine the purpose of your ground cover plant. Some are better at inhibiting weeds while others are best at preventing soil erosion. These plants are practical; not just aesthetically pleasing.


What Makes a Welcoming Walkway?

To ensure that your walkway is ever-inviting, plant a variety of annuals and perennials that bloom at different times through the year.

Find out what blooms when with our handy Color Calendar!


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