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Tools of the Trade

A gardener is only as good as his or her tools. To ensure that your garden is cared for properly - from soil preparation to planting and maintenance - invest in quality tools. Below is our list of the best gardening tools to have on hand.


Our Best Gardening Tools

To anyone starting a first garden, buying all the tools can be pretty intimidating. This list covers the basics that you'll need to get started.

- Trowel

- Spade (for digging and transplanting)

- Shovel (for moving earth and mulch, flipping compost, etc.)

- Hoe

- Pruning shears

- Sharp knife

- Narrow digging tool

- 5-gallon bucket

- Cart or wheelbarrow

- Hose

- Watering can

- Hat (for sun protection)

- Gloves


Special Tools for Rose Planting

Roses, with their dangerous beauty, require their own special set of gardening tools when planting. Below is our checklist of items you'll need when planting rose bushes.


- Polyethylene Sheets

- Rotary Tiller

- Pruning Shears

- Garden Hose

- Tree Wrapping Materials

- Peat Moss or Gypsum

- Speedy Cultivator

- Pruning Spray

- Fertilizer

- Work Gloves

- Spading Fork

- Broom Rake

- Hand Cleaner

- Lawn Rake

- Double-Duty Rake

- Garden Hose Nozzle

- Lawn Seed

- Garden Cart


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