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Plants with an Edge

Edging helps to define and outline various areas such as walkways, lawn edges or driveways. We all know that we can use stones, bricks, wood or synthetic edging to define an area, but if you're looking for a softer, more natural solution, consider planting edging plants instead.

Edges with Color

If you're looking for seasonal color to define your edging, you can choose from annuals or use perennials or shrubs. The use of seasonal plants gives you great options for variety and change. Consider, though, that these plants need regular changing and maintenance. However, if you don't mind doing a little maintenance,  your choices are virtually limitless.

In recent years mondo grass has been combined with Buxus hedging for a formal look. Nepeta or catmint is another favorite – the most common variety sports lovely purple flowers and is often used underneath taller plants such as rose to hide their unsightly nether regions.

Lavender is another that is often used – particularly stunning along long driveways – just remember it can be visited by bees so bear this in mind.

Grasses make stunning edging plants, swaying gently in any breeze. Foliage of varying colors also makes great edging plants – for example Lambs ears or Stachys – these can be great in darker less sunny spots to lighten the area with its soft silver leaves.

Whatever edging plant you choose, consider the amount of time you want to spend ‘maintaining’ your edges and the climate that you are in before you make your purchases.

The Outback Garden Center at Ace Home and Leisure in Edgewater, Maryland carries a wide variety of plants that are ideal for edging. Visit us today to give your home an edge!


What Makes a Welcoming Walkway?

To ensure that your walkway is ever-inviting, plant a variety of annuals and perennials that bloom at different times through the year.

Find out what blooms when with our handy Color Calendar!


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